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New IMCA Service
We are the IMCA provider in Solihull. more
Preventing abuse by speaking up for vulnerable people
Solihull Action through Advocacy provides independent advocacy for people with learning disabilities, and other vulnerable groups, who are facing critical decisions about their lives.

We support people to make informed choices and either speak up on their behalf or support them to speak for themselves.

We are passionate about empowering people who are at risk of discrimination and disadvantage to secure their rights and make their voices heard.
About Us
About Solihull Action For Advocacy

A charity working to improve the quality of life for vulnerable people in Solihull.

We aim to provide a lifeline for people who are vulnerable and at risk of exclusion from society because of disability, age, health or circumstance.
Our Projects
About Solihull Action For Advocacy

Our Projects change peoples lives.

We support people to develop the skills and confidence to speak up for themselves through creative, imaginative projects.
Do you need an advocate?
About Solihull Action For Advocacy

Do you need someone to speak up or support you to speak for yourself.

If you need an advocate or know someone who does we may be able to help. We provide independent one to one advocacy and group advocacy for people who need support to make their voice heard. more
Advocacy Information and Resources
About Solihull Action For Advocacy

Lots of useful information from the Advocacy Resource Exchange website.

If you have a question, we have lots of information donated from the Advocacy Resource Exchange website about advocacy and related subjects.
Changing Lives and the Bill of Rights
Changing lives and the bill of rights

The ‘Changing Lives' group meet regularly to talk about the quality of services in the Solihull area.

Changing Lives is a group of service users who represent the views of people with learning disabilities in Solihull at the local Learning Disability Partnership Board. They have produced a Bill of Rights for people with learning disabilities.
How you can help - Donations and volunteering
About Solihull Action For Advocacy

Support the work we do.

You can help to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable people. Make a donation today or volunteer to work with us.

Our Mission Statement

Solihull Action through Advocacy actively supports the most vulnerable people in our community.
We empower people to speak up for themselves or speak on their behalf because everyone has the right to be respected, valued and heard.